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opiate taylor.jackvance

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My family is my number one interest- my beautiful wife, Charlene, and my wonderful 10 years-old son, Quentin. I am currently writing short fiction as often as possible. I discovered JV about five years ago and have read everything I can find by him. I found this MB soon after and it has remained a favorite destination on the net ever since. Favorite Vance is The Tschai series, but that could change now that I am subscribed to Bob Lacovara's Afton House editions of the Compact VIE.  So far I have the first two volumes, and am only just now discovering Vance's mysteries.  I have not been disappointed.  I hope this board remains as active for the next five years as it was for my first five.

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I'm a man of leisure...

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Reading, writing, collecting books; playing, writing, and listening to all kinds of music; Japanese Rpgs (especially old-school titles such as the Dragon Quest series, Suikoden, Lufia, etc.); Japanese anime, my favs being Escaflowne, The Slayers, and Full Metal Alchemist.  I also enjoy camping, traveling, intelligent discussion and debate, and just life.  Oh, except when it sucks, that is.

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